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By: Management Research Group  05/12/2011

Sales is a highly visible function with no room for mediocrity, yet most companies know surprisingly little about the unique blend of behavior and motivation that creates success.

MRG’s Sales Performance Assessment™ (SPA) products have proved dramatically effective in helping develop sales behaviors — and boost sales results — for organizations around the world.

Our research on sales performance indicates there is no one “right” way to sell. We’ve found that top sales performers differ depending on their industry, company, geography, and role. While sales performance is highly influenced by external factors, our model of 24 sales practices, unique questionnaire design, and extensive database and language offerings provide insight into individual sales performers and collective sales forces.

Independently or in combination with other MRG offerings, Sales Performance Assessment™ products will help you:

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We design products to meet your challenges — whether your goal is to develop leaders, ensure strong direction, empower people to be their best, make change happen, or build a powerful sales force. When you invest time and money in assessment products that directly impact your strategic initiatives, you want to make a sound investment.