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By: Management Research Group  05/12/2011

MRG provides cutting-edge tools for leadership assessment and development — but that’s not all. Through our research services customized to your specific organization, we can help you:

  • Define best practices, identifying the characteristics that distinguish highly effective employees from less effective ones
  • Create benchmarks, profiling high performing individuals, both internally (within your organization) and externally (within your industry)
  • Develop comparative studies, describing the similarities and differences between two or more groups of individuals within your organization

This research can be undertaken for specific companies, industries, roles/job functions, levels in an organization, or varied demographic categories (such as age, gender, and country).

For instance, you may want to determine how the top sales performers in your organization approach the sales role. Or what the focus of your training and development should be in order to support organizational change. Or you may want to determine what skills your mid-level managers need in order to succeed at senior levels.

Today's organizational leaders insist on new solutions being supported by concrete evidence. MRG research provides extensive documentation that shows our products are reliable and valid; in short, we can demonstrate that our products work. You will clearly see that MRG tools are backed by expertise in human development and proven track records of success. And you will appreciate how MRG products can increase the effectiveness of your organization.

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