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By: Websitedoctor  05/12/2011

Have you ever been in a situation where you call a web design or hosting company to ask a simple question, but instead what you get is a bunch of techno-babble?

Have you ever suspected someone was trying to pull the wool over your eyes by confusing you with frustrating abbreviations?

Don’t be frightened or fooled by technical language ever again!

We Work As Your Agent

With your permission, WebsiteDoctor experts can act as an agent of your organisation and talk directly to your technology supplier. Here’s how:

  1. First we will talk to you in Plain English to decide on what the goals are.
  2. Then we deal with your technology team in a polite, assertive manner to obtain the relevant information, and direct them to complete whatever tasks we’ve agreed on.
  3. If work is ongoing, we’ll supervise and review the work for you.
  4. Finally, we tell you, again in Plain English, what the outcome is.

What we need:

    Have you ever felt you’ve been given an unreasonably high quotation for technical or design work, but you’re not sure if it is, or what to do?

    We have the solution! We are experts at translating from geek-speak to Plain English, and explaining the implications.

    We Translate For You

    If you have a quotation or technical document that you need analysed and translated into Plain English, we can do that, and explain the implications in simple business terms.

    WebsiteDoctor coach will be your guide, working with you side-by-side, to give you the tools and framework to achieve an incredible reinvention of your website. You’re an expert at the work of your business; we’re experts at building websites that work. We will help you strategise your website development path and support the implementation process that will dramatically improve your website.

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