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By: Vector Consultants  05/12/2011

Vector has developed a range of world leading diagnostic tools over the last 20 years and is able to deploy these in over 140 countries around the world, either online or by face to face interviews as appropriate.

Organisational Scan

The Organisational Scan is a key insight that informs the organisation of the array of challenges and tasks that lie ahead. This is usually our first step in working with our client's companies, formally or informally as is appropriate to the situation.

It is a thorough diagnosis of your organisation's component systems that allows us to examine the external environment, organisational strategy, culture, infrastructure and stakeholder expectations. The Organisational Scan is a systematic and proven process for examining a company's external business environment and the company's conditions, processes and outputs at the organisational, people and work level.

The Organisational Scan gathers current data on the organisational situation as perceived by its functions and people, for use in decision-making by senior management. It clarifies organisational intent and direction, and captures information about the 'real organisation's' alignment with that direction - its values and beliefs (espoused and actual) as well as factors that help and factors that hinder desired performance. It also assesses the effectiveness of the organisation's infrastructure - systems, policies, procedures and processes - in supporting the organisation's strategy.

Specific recommendations resulting from the Organisational Scan are based on systematic and systemic diagnosis - not best guess, or organisational tradition or personal preference or what some vendor may have on the shelf that has worked elsewhere. The arena of possible interventions is wide, and the selection of appropriate interventions and their optimum implementation sequence is vital.

Enterprise Feedback Management System

The data that an organisation creates to give it the feedback it needs to chart progress is typically collected by different parts of the organisation, therefore making it almost impossible to understand what is happening on a systemic basis.

Although valuable in their own right there is far more to be gained by deploying a joined up effort both in data capture and the analytical insight that follows. We recommend to our clients that they adopt an Enterprise Feedback Management System.

Vector is able to deploy the following survey tools either online or face to face in 140 countries in the world.

  • 360° Feedback
  • Employee Engagement/Satisfaction
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Supply Chain Effectiveness

Data Analytics

The secret to invaluable insight is the capability to review the data, determine patterns and causal effects. When done across the organisation's range of surveys the insight is much more powerful.

Vector's team of analysts have many years of experience in data analysis across a range of industries and are able to draw on this knowledge for it's clients. However when the results of this analysis are cross checked with the understanding gained from the Organisational Scan the result is an extremely powerful set of recommendations that ensure our clients remain on track to deliver their objectives.

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