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By: Vector Consultants  05/12/2011

In order to implement a Strategy effectively an organisation needs to ensure that the strategy itself, the infrastructure in terms of policies, processes and technology as well as the culture are aligned to and support the Vision or Mission. Vector provides a range of consulting services to support our clients in defining or clarifying strategy, addressing infrastructural issues and aligning the organisation to accelerate the change process.

The following consulting services are available to our clients:

Strategy Development

Our services include strategy development, strategy critique, strategic risk assessment, strategic objectives development, strategy deployment plans and overall Governance processes.

Infrastructure Reviews

Our services include Process Reengineering, Technology Review, Supply Chain/Procurement Reviews and Policy impact assessments.

Performance Management

Our services include capability assessments, best practice reviews, training needs analysis and mentoring programmes to ensure that your people are able to perform at the highest levels.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Extensive research into the last 30 years of M&A activity shows that over 70% of completed M&A's fail to achieve the initially intended financial objectives, due primarily to the failure to effectively assess and manage the integration and alignment of the cultures of the companies involved.

Vector has unique and deep expertise in the successful implementation of mergers and acquisitions worldwide. Their consultants are experts in cultural due diligence, assessment and integration and have helped many organisations achieve post merger success over the past two decades.

Procurement and Supply Chain

In a world where businesses are ever more dependent on partners and suppliers and where at the same time supply markets themselves are becoming ever more complex and challenging to align to your strategy and manage effectively, Vector believes passionately that every organisation can significantly enhance the value that its supply side facing people, processes and culture brings to the business.

We have a fully comprehensive set of consulting approaches, supported by some of the most experienced, talented and respected consultants in the field, and can engage on major category, cost reduction, benchmarking or supplier relationship projects - or work discretely on smaller scale but crucial mentoring assignments to ensure that supply markets deliver full value to your organisation.

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Change Management ~ Vector Consultants

The People Development services are designed to ensure the organisation's leadership develops their skills and is seen by the whole organisation as driving the strategy, aligning the infrastructure and living the values. Our Functional Leadership Model, which forms the basis for our management and leadership programmes, keeps the focus on the functions of Effective Leadership; on what leaders actually do in their daily performance.


Organisational Diagnostics ~ Vector Consultants

Specific recommendations resulting from the Organisational Scan are based on systematic and systemic diagnosis - not best guess, or organisational tradition or personal preference or what some vendor may have on the shelf that has worked elsewhere.


Services ~ Vector Consultants

No matter how successful an organisation considers itself to be, there will always be a way to greatly enhance their achievements on a range of levels; internally and externally, and this continual activity is fundamental for organisational success.