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By: The Samadhi Centre  05/12/2011

According to the ancient texts this recipe was created thousands of years ago as a rejuvenating ‘elixir of life’. Rasayana means to rejuvenate. It is well known that we can live long, healthy lives only when one has a strong general immunity against diseases. Rasayana herbs help boost general immunity.
The indigenous formulation Rasayana Prash is an especially developed 100% natural Ayurvedic food recipe for longevity and to enhance general immunity. Moreover, it possesses anti-stress and anti-fatigue properties. It provides vigour, vitality and strength if taken regularly. The formulation is the outcome of years of therapeutic applications in India.
Rasayana prash can be taken as often as desired. Recommended to be taken in the form of a warm milky drink for Vata and Pitta dosha and with water for Kapha types.

Regular use of Rasyana Prash is known to
1. Promote longevity
2. Enhance general immunity of the body from common ailments.
3. Give a feeling of health, energy, vigour, well-being and fight general diseases
4. Promote growth of tissues.

Price : €15 per jar – contains at least 40 generous servings

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