Why we need sunlight to stay healthy

By: Tansun Home Hire Sunbeds & Gym Equipment  05/12/2011
Keywords: Tanning, vitamin d

Tanning without burning – how does that work?

The rays of the sun can, in addition to the desired tanning effect, also cause undesirable reddening of the skin, erythema – in its worse form, sunburn.  For one-off sunbathing, the time required for tanning is actually longer than that required for skin reddening. Despite this, it is also possible to achieve a nice tan, without burning – quite simply by means of regular sunbathing. The reason for this is that the body reduces the preliminary stages of skin reddening relatively quickly, while the tan constantly builds itself up through repeated exposure.  

Relaxation from everyday life:
In many southern holiday countries and in the mountains, the solar radiation is considerably more intensive than in our region. Above all, the UVB component of the solar radiation, which causes sunburn, is much higher there

However, you can protect your sun sensitive skin from sunburn. With a 3 to 4-week, gentle course of tanning sessions, your skin will be optimally prepared for the holiday sun. 

Never get sunburned,burned skin is damaged skin.
 The  sun gives us light and heat, the basis for all life on our planet. With its unique energy, it has an essential effect on the human organism. We cannot survive without the Sun.

This is because it: Promotes the formation of vitamin D that is important for building bones and muscles. has as positive effect on our immune system, heart, and circulation, increases our performance,increases our sense of well-being Positively controls our nervous system and hormone levels,tans the skin and builds up the skin's own sun protection .

The Sun and its Power - Why does the skin become brown?   The earth's atmosphere and its ozone layer absorb most of the solar radiation. The radiation that reaches the earth includes ultraviolet (UV) radiation A and B, besides the infrared radiation and the visible light.

The UVA radiation is responsible for tanning your skin. This is because it causes the formation of the pigment melanin in the pigment cells.
 The UVB radiation stimulates the organism to produce the essential VITAMIN D.  

Keywords: Tanning, vitamin d

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