Red Light Collagen Therapy

By: Tansun Home Hire Sunbeds & Gym Equipment  05/12/2011

Anti- Aging Collagen Red light Therapy treatment beds arrive at TANSUN:

Now available for home hire

COLLAGEN RED LIGHT THERAPY: Rejuvenation and skin which looks years younger

 • Regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin .• Visible long lasting anti-aging effect: combat wrinkles and facial lines• Improves the skin appearance and  condition,   fights skin blemishes• Clinically tested stimulation of elastin and collagen production • Improves the effectiveness of cosmetic products .• Reduces the negative impact of bad environment conditions,reduces stretch marks, 


collagen treatment uses the visible red light with the specific frequency 633 nm to induce the body’s own photobiomodulative processes, which stimulates fibroblast proliferation in skin cells and natural elastin and collagene synthesis, which creates the effect of skin rejuvenation and makes the skin young and more even-looking.This treatment also enhances the cutaneous microcirculation thanks to stimulating the mitochondrial respiratory system of the skin cells. This allows the nourishing elements of cosmetic products to be better transported into the skin and enhances their efficiency.

Fresh, younger looking face or décolleté doesn’t just look great, they improve your self confidence, your vitality and well-being. The special frequency of the collagen lamps improves the natural production and content of elastin and collagen proteins in the skin cells. This makes the skin look more elastic, smooth and rejuvenated. Nasty wrinkles and facial lines disappear, stressed skin restores its lost vitality and moisture balance.COLLAGEN - for everyone who won’t settle for less when it comes to health and well-being. For those who would want to keep their skin looking healthy, young and smooth. In the fast pace of everyday life which is hectic and stressful, the moments of relaxation and rejuvenation are twice as important and valuable. Isn’t it great if the time for relaxation may be at the same time used to do something good for your own beauty and skin care? Just relax and let the dreams carry you away while the natural light does it’s amazing work on your skin.

Your skin will need some time for regeneration before the beneficial benefits become visible.In order to get visibly smoother and younger looking skin you will need to conduct regular treatment for 8-10 weeks. We some 3 - 4 treatments per week.Collagen treatment may be applied to the entire body in comfort without any restrictions and has proven to be particularly effective in the of face [ eyes],neck and shoulders,hands,feet,legs and hips.

HOME HIRE: Our home hire units get the very same results as the salon one's .Turn back the clock in the privacy of your own home at a time that suits you.

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