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By: Private Security Ireland  05/12/2011
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The Patrol Car Inspection service can be utilised in a wide variety of different ways although obviously security is always the prime objective. Whether it's the Opening/Closing of a Premises (on a regular basis or at short notice), Access/Egress of Early/Late Arrivals/Departures (e.g. Delivery Staff), Monitoring of Staff or Machinery (for Health & Safety or Performance Purposes) the list of uses for this particular service is endless. Even the Environment is taken into account by the hard working Patrol Driver who will routinely switch off all un-necessary power sources (e.g. lights, heaters, etc) during Inspections thus saving the client money whilst reducing their carbon footprint !! Patrol Car Inspections can be tailored to the individual client's requirements and can be surprisingly inexpensive. All Patrol Car Inspections are electronically recorded to provide a reliable and accurate record of all work carried out.

All our Security Personnel are fully trained and PSA accredited. In addition to this they undergo an intensive in house training regime prior to their assignment. They are required to attend regular refresher courses to ensure compliance with Industry Standards. All Officers are fully uniformed and equipped with radio communication. Before a Static Security Officer is located on site a comprehensive Security Audit will be carried out to determine the particular requirements of the assignment. A Patrol Route will be established which will encompass all vulnerable areas of a premises, both internal and external. The Security Officer will be required to carry out patrols of the premises at regular intervals. All such patrols are electronically recorded. For Safety and Performance reasons the Security Officer is contacted via radio communication by the Base Control Operator at 30 minute intervals. Records are kept of all such communications. Regular, randomly timed visits are carried out by our Supervisory Team for Quality Control purposes.

A rapid response is the key to the provision of this service. On receipt of a call from the client's Alarm Monitor our Base Controller immediately dispatches one of our Patrol Drivers to investigate the cause of the activation. The Patrol Driver thoroughly inspects the premises, notes the particular area of activation and reports his findings to the Base Controller. If the Activation proves to be innocuous the Patrol Driver re-secures the premises and resets the Alarm System. However should the activation be the result of an intrusion or other emergency the Base Controller will contact a Keyholder, inform them of events and agree further action. In either event we will handle the situation in the most efficient way causing the client the minimum amount of inconvenience. All client keys are colour/digitally coded and securely stored when not in use as per the NSAI recommendations. Their movement is strictly controlled and recorded.

This provision of this service involves a comprehensive analysis of both the client's premises and their current security arrangements. In addition to examining all physical aspects of security presently in place our Auditor will attempt to identify potentially vulnerable areas where problems may occur in the future. Cash Handling procedures, Access Control and Policy on Visitors are all areas which will be considered during the Audit.

Confidentiality and reliability are the key factors in the provision of this service. In a situation where our client needs to be contactable but does not wish to disclose their personal number our Paging Service is the ideal solution. The timing and content of all messages are logged and immediate action is taken in accordance with agreed procedure. Private Security has operated a Base Control Room manned 24/7 for over 40 years.

Private Security (Ireland) Ltd. has provided the full range of Locksmith services for over 30 years. These range from simple Key cutting to supply and fitting of various Access Control Systems, Safes, Grills,etc. In emergency situations we can arrange same day collection and delivery.

In addition to our main services outlined above Private Security can also cater for all your Locksmith requirements and carry out detailed Private Investigations both at home and abroad. For more details please contact our offices at any time.

Keywords: Patrol Car Inspections, Private Security, security, Security Audit