Creating Culture | Coaching Culture

By: Performance Consultants International  05/12/2011

Creating Culture | Coaching Culture

By Sir John Whitmore

Creating Culture - What Is It?

Creating culture - a great culture, finding the right people, managing them to do great things and solving problems creatively and systematically are challenges faced by all organizations. We help your Leaders and Managers achieve more through their teams by creating culture, specifically through creating coaching cultures by developing a coaching management style which among other things:

• Creates empowerment

• Increases engagement

• Develops people and performance

• Improves creativity

• Raises responsibility in employees

Creating Culture - What are the Benefits?

"You can have very enlightened practices in the heads of the top leaders, and employees hungry for enlightened practices. And then managers are operating the way they always have, not understanding that there's anything more to their responsibility than a good profit-and-loss statement."

Deborah Holmes, Ernst and Young

Command and control management and leadership is no longer tenable in this fast moving world. People need to be able to make fast decisions and respond to changing conditions on a moment by moment basis. For this they need a different type of management. One that empowers and facilitates.

How Do I Create Culture, Specifically a Coaching Culture?

We specialize in helping

create culture, coaching cultures. Our

programmes, based on Sir John Whitmore’s bestselling coaching book that is translated into over 20 languages serves multi-nationals the world over and teaches managers to manage in a coaching style and gives them the skills they need to create a coaching culture.

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