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By: Orlagh Sampson  05/12/2011
Keywords: Physiotherapy, orthotics, Dry Needling

• Mobilisations
• Dry Needling
• Acupuncture
• Myofascial Release
• Therapeutic Exercise
• Orthotics Precscription
• Electrotherapy
• Homeopatic Advice
This is a gentle technique done on joints (the ligaments/capsule) to relieve pain and increase movement. It is a step down form manipulations. We do manipulations for the pelvis region and the low part of the spine (Lumbar spine).
There are a number of acupuncture points in the body that work extremely well when used in combination with physiotherapy. This service is of no extra charge to the patient. It is our belief to treat the patient entirely and as a whole, so it is wonderful to be abel to offer this extra relief for people.

Myofascial Release / Soft Tissue Massage

Fascia is a tissue that surrounds all of our muscles and it can get very tight and painful. The tightness can cause limitation of movement and the physio. can see this when she assess’ the patient. Based on the assessment a technique called myofascial release is used to the untrained eye it can look and feel like a massage.
Orthotics Prescription

We have completed advanced courses in orthotics assessment. An orthotic is a device placed in your shoe to keep your foot in proper alignment so as to prevent and treat certain conditions relating to the foot, ankle, knee, hip or back. We can make temporary or permanent ones and if you are not happy with your device we offer a full money back guarantee.

We have TNS machines, ultrasound, interferential, laser. All used as and when needed to reduce symptoms. We sell TNS machines and give a full demonstration on how to use them including pictures of where to place the electrodes and the different settings to get the most out of your machine. We have had super success form them and it has helped patients to control their pain independently at home thus meaning they require less physiotherapy visits except for cases of extreme “flare ups” thereby helping to keep medical costs down for clients.
Homeopathic Advice

Although we do not prescribe any remedies we would be glad to advise you on which ones would compliment your physiotherapy treatment. All of which can be obtained over the counter at most pharmacies. Again this advise is included in all treatments.

Keywords: Dry Needling, Electrotherapy, orthotics, Physiotherapy, Therapeutic Exercise

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