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Keywords: Psychometric Assessments, Personality Assessment, Aptitude Tests

O’Brien Consulting can offer a range of psychometric assessments ranging from aptitude testing to personality profiling to online 360° feedback systems. These are detailed below:

Aptitude testing:

Aptitude tests are utilised to assist, primarily, in selection decisions and have been found to be the single most effective method for measuring predicted performance in a defined role.  O’Brien Consulting offers a range of aptitude testing applicable to all levels of role. These tests can be delivered face to face or online. Aptitude tests are an excellent method for conducting ‘de-selection’ when faced with a high number of applicants. Tests utilise external benchmark group meaning that you can measure performance against an established yardstick.

Personality Assessment:

Personality assessment gives both employers and individuals a unique insight into their own personality style. From the employer’s perspective, it allows for a more informed ‘job-fit’ decision. For the individual, it drives better career decisions by becoming more self aware. O’Brien Consulting can deliver a range of different personality assessment instruments either in a face to face format or online. 

360° feedback:

360° feedback involves individuals gaining feedback from a wide range of co-workers such as manager, peers and direct reports. The individual will also rate themselves as a comparison. This powerful process allows individuals to identify exactly where the perceived gaps are between their own self perception and the perceptions of others. O’Brien Consulting can deliver 360° process online ensuring complete convenience. O’Brien Consulting can tailor the assessments to measure exactly the client’s competencies, ensuring a match with all other existing performance management processes.

Keywords: Aptitude Tests, Personality Assessment, Psychometric Assessments

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We have extensive experience in a wide range of industry sectors in both public and private arenas. Our success is built upon our ability to work side by side with our clients. At O’Brien Consulting, we believe in a process of partnership.



O’Brien Consulting offers a wide range of options within the assessment arena, from large scale Psychometric Assessments to Individual Assessments for strategic senior positions. For large scale de-selection (e.g. graduate recruitment), O’Brien Consulting utilise aptitude tests that measure aptitude across all levels of role. The client receives a full report written by the Psychologist identifying both strengths and potential areas of concern.


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When an organisation commits to go through a process of downsizing, it is crucial that the message is delivered in a manner that causes the least upset amongst employees. We teach managers how to utilise these frameworks to ensure a more positive outcome for all affected parties. Our aim is to support participants and ensure that they are fully equipped to make their next career move.



For the practical sessions, we utilize professional actors to role play interviewees, giving a realistic preview of what to expect when conducting interviews. Research has indicated that utilizing Assessment Centre’s, rather than simply interviews, increases the likelihood of correct selection decisions. O’Brien Consulting offer a range of training courses to assist organizations better manage their people.


Leadership Development

These programmes will equip participants to deliver more effective leadership and be better prepared for the challenges that will lie ahead in their future careers. We utilise a range of activities, some of which include workshops on leadership, group work, role plays, personality assessment and 1:1 coaching. We identify exactly what success in leadership means for the client and develop our programmes around this.


Executive Coaching

Utilising techniques such as goal setting, we assist senior professionals understand their career goals and work with the coachee to develop strategies to achieve these goals. The aim of our coaching interventions is to clarify focus and re-awaken the hunger to succeed at both a personal and professional level. Underperformance has a costly impact on businesses and it is imperative that organisations have a motivated work force.