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By: McCauley Daye O'connell Architects  05/12/2011
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We collaborate                    

Communication cooperation and collaboration

McCauley Daye O’Connell Architects are an international practice with a reputation for fusing design excellence with a track record in delivering sound complex projects. To create better performing buildings in the 21st century and to resolve the ever increasing complexity requires commercial integrity and a knowledge of contemporary construction methodology. It neccesitates superior levels of communication, cooperation and collaboration among the design team, the construction team and the client team along with its specialist advisors and the government agencies is a prerequisite.  We now have a track record on several projects, the collaborative project specific approach has significantly improved the quality of the outcome for our clients and their objectives and goals, the experience and performance of the people involved in delivering and assessing the projects and ultimately the long term viability and success of the buildings and places.

We create

Central to our design philosophy is that aspirational design and innovation is a collective endeavour, whilst complex, can create beautiful buildings, places and environments which are clear, well crafted, sustainable, practical and easy to relate to.  Our role as architects is to act as a catalyst and guide for creativity and imagination, clarifying the brief, the exchange of ideas and research, the understanding of context, the correlation of the various solutions and possibilities, physical modeling, to the identification and creation of the final design and its procurement We have a detailed methodology and quality control at every stage of the project.

We deliver  

We are committed to innovation in project delivery and advancing the way we work, whilst continually improving the quality and integration of project delivery and processes.  Our professional culture is built around the bedrock of our unique core skill-set of commercial design excellence and proactive execution methodology. We are highly organised and utilise our established project management systems and significant diverse experience to ensure effective delivery of high end designs, within a commercial environment.  Our company is structured to ensure a hands on approach to all of our projects, establishing dedicated architectural teams to service projects whilst ensuring our Clients are given a personal director level service from concept to completion.

We care

Consistency in our process, the quality of our design, our buildings and our relationships is integral to our culture and systems of quality management. From the initial stages through to final completion our approach is integrated into everything we do and how we do it.  To achieve these high standards we have implemented the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Mark Procedure.  We are members of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (RIAI) and The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and ARCUK, and all our staff attend the required CPD courses yearly.  Our philosophy is to use the best contemporary construction techniques with appropriate durable and renewal materials.

Sustainability, low carbon, Breeam, passive design

Our commitment to producing carbon neutral, sustainable buildings is paramount in our design process for the benefit to the wider community, environment and the value it adds to our buildings. We promote the integration of sustainability principles into our design at the outset encouraging the entire construction team to work together to create environmentally conscious buildings. We have demonstrated that using low cost passive design techniques, design excellence and value can be achieved. Our buildings have been awarded Breeam ‘Excellent’ ratings.

Work place planning, corporate headquarters, science and technology

We listen, learn and work collaboratively with clients and end users to create environments and buildings which work on every level, both inside and outside. Our buildings are inspiring, yet commercial and functionally specific to client and tenant needs. We create environments to help our clients, and their tenants, maximize their performance and productivity, communication and community, anticipating their long term needs and ensuring the spaces created are functional, future focused and flexible.

Hospitality, hotel, retail, conference

We listen to and learn to understand our Client’s brand and culture, working with them to deliver unique design solutions and experiences which reflect their aspirations. Unique design coupled with a branded environment and strategy can deliver increased sales, market differentiation and customer recognition.

Interior design, floor-plate testing, space planning

A high quality successful interior design can create environments that meet strategic business objectives and support people while they work, learn, live and play. Understanding an organisation's primary objectives and its assets of people, place and process is key. We aim to respond to the unique requirements of each client with unique design solutions and brand integration. We carry our design philosophy through all aspects of interior design from concept to delivery on site, across a range of sectors including commercial, hotel, retail and residential.

We offer inception to completion services on work place fit-out projects of any size. We provide building search assistance; due diligence studies; develop occupancy scenarios; consolidations and reorganizations; and optimization strategies; floor plate testing and re-stacking; space planning; interior design/delivery and relocation guidance and transition delivery.

Apartments, urban design, mixed use, low or high density housing

We are committed to the creation of high quality, efficient and sustainable homes. We believe in place making, creating people friendly neighbourhoods in which people can live and work and raise families. These places are and should be attractive, safe and enjoyable, with a strong sense of identity and place, distinctiveness and character which respects their context and environment. The scale of our residential projects varies from small to large, from one-off houses to high density housing and mixed residential quarters, to nursing homes.

Master planning and sustainable communities

Great places help to make great communities. Master plans shape the physical settings for life. We have considerable expertise in sustainable master planning and urban design at all scales, both in urban and greenfield sites which include business districts, residential and mixed communities, retail centers and science/technology campuses.

The creation and development of effective successful, sustainable, low carbon communities and environments requires an in depth understanding of the wider place and context; landscape and habitat; local infrastructure; cultural, social and community setting; the financial goals and economic context and the current strategic national; regional and local government policy frameworks.

Project and programme management

We have a proven track record in a collaborative approach to design, managing large teams of design consultants and other architects on complex schemes using our project management skills to ensure that the completed buildings are commercially viable, architecturally sound and delivered on time and budget for our Clients. This includes creating a programme to set out, monitor and deliver, the Clients objectives, set roles, responsibilities and appointments, methods of communication and reporting, costing, risk identification, tendering, to coordinating third party and tenant requirements.

Fire safety certificates

Fire safety design provides a methodology for the design of buildings to protect people, property and the environment from fire which includes risk assessment, egress analysis, ventilation assessments, structural fire protection and compartment requirements. We have extensive experience in preparing comprehensive submissions to the local authority for fire safety certificates.

Disability access certificates (DAC)

As of 1st January 2010 Part M of the Building Regulations now requires a disability access certificate for new building works in Ireland. The disability act 2005 retrospectively applies to public and private sector buildings. It is a buildings owner’s legal obligation to ensure compliance with Part M through a DAC. Our team is qualified to deliver this service and meet the requirements of the legislation to create safe access and egress at minimal disruption and cost.

Dispute Resolution, Conciliation, Arbitration & Contract law

Our team has in house arbitration and contract law expertise. We can also advise on collateral warranty agreements, dispute avoidance and dispute resolution, development agreements, PPP agreements and expert witness services relating to litigation and arbitration.

Due Diligence and Construction Services

At the acquisition or lease of an existing or new building the thorough assessment of its condition, construction, commissioning and statutory consents, opinions on compliance, certification and safety file, leasing and registry maps are required. We have considerable experience in assisting our clients with these assessments.

Asset Assessment and Enhancement for Financial Institutions

Our team over the past 30 years has gained considerable experience in the strategic and commercial assessment of the potential of sites or buildings to enhance their viability and potential and create optimum value. We are ideally positioned with our strong commercial background and innovative creative approach to identify the market potential and opportunities.

We can also assist legal Advisors, Receivers, Examiners and Liquidators on property issues or distressed properties with regard to Optimum development potential and feasibility studies, design and planning, incomplete developments requiring limited works ,project management, unauthorized development requiring compliance and rectification of defects, investigation of planning and building control compliance, and fire and safety engineering issues.

Under the Construction Safety Regulations 2006 the Client Company is required to appoint a Project supervisor to review health and safety through the design and planning phase of new projects to be constructed. Our team have been preparing these plan and files for projects since they were mandated and have considerable experience on large and small projects as follows;-

Health and Safety Plan

The Safety Plan provides a detailed risk assessment for the project and enables the contractor to implement effective safety procedures in advance of beginning on site, reducing the potential for accidents during construction.

Safety File

The Safety File is the building maintenance manual for the completed building and provides a risk assessment for management of the new building enabling the client to draw up a property safety statement.

Design Safety Measures

These are measures to eliminate or reduce potential hazards which aids in improved safety performance during future maintenance and construction works.

Keywords: architects, PROJECT MANAGEMENT

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