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By: Mangan O'beirne  05/12/2011
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Over the years Mangan O’Beirne have recovered millions of euro in compensation for clients in respect of personal injury claims in court awards and out of court settlements. Accidents can result in injury, losses, future losses or death. If a relative has been tragically killed in an accident his/her dependants may be entitled to compensation. Accidents can occur in many ways.  Some examples are as follows:–

  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Accidents in a public place
  • Accidents at work
  • Industrial accidents

Since July 2004 almost all accident claims must be processed initially through the Injuries Board (formerly known as PIAB). The Injuries Board will initially assess the level of compensation that should be paid but the injured party or the Defendant may object to such assessment. If an assessment is not accepted or if an award is inadequate Court proceedings can then be issued.

Mangan O’Beirne will assist claimants in submitting their claim to the Injuries Board and will advise on each heading of compensation to which they may be entitled. At present a significant number of awards made by the Injuries Board are rejected. In normal circumstances an injured party has two years from the date of the accident to commence legal proceedings. It is important however that advice should be taken at the earliest opportunity.  Notice of a claim should ideally be given to a Defendant within two months of the incident. It is important to collate as much information at an early stage including insurance details, witness details, investigating Gardai, involvement of The Health & Safety Authority (if any) etc. If the injured party is under eighteen a claim must be pursued on their behalf by a legal guardian.

Mangan O’Beirne will always endeavour to recover the maximum amount of compensation for pain and suffering together with all financial losses including losses to be incurred into the future.

Contact Tony O’Beirne, Alan Wallace or Briony Cochrane.

Keywords: accident claims, Injury Claims, personal injury

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