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By: Electraction  05/12/2011
Keywords: forklift battery, Forklift Equipment

Single-phase battery charger with Wa charging characteristic
• Digital display with readout of charging data.

Technical features:

• Single-phase input supply 230 VAC – Frequency 50/60Hz.

• Possible adjustments to 220/230/240 VAC.

• New electronic controller with AP735W card with microprocessor.

• New Software with Ah-control of the charging process.

• Polycarbonate plate with symbols easy and immediate to interpret.

• Complete switching off of charger, if it is disconnected from battery during the charging process.

• LEDs signalling the charging stages of failures, if any.

• Suitable for rated battery voltages from 12V to 96V, selectable by means of jumpers and possibility to set different values with 2V-steps.

• Trimmer for setting the threshold at 2.40V/cell.

• In the four-digit LCD with 12 multifunctional symbols, charging parameters can be recalled by means of the external ON-OFF button:

1. current delivered in real time

2. instantaneous voltage at battery terminals

3. initial battery voltage at the beginning of charging process

4. end of charge battery voltage

5. current at the beginning of the charging process

6. current at the end of charging process

7. delivered ampere-hours

8. overall charging time

• The following charging parameters can be programmed by means of DIP switches/jumpers:

1. Autostart

2. Final charge time

3. Safety timer

4. Equalizing charge

5. Proportional charge

Keywords: forklift battery, Forklift Equipment

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Forklift Equipment Ireland @ Electraction Ltd - traction forklift batteries

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