Solar Panels – Solar Energy panels Ireland – Solar Panels Ireland

By: Ecoliving  05/12/2011
Keywords: solar panels, Environmentally Friendly Energy

Solar Panels – Solar Energy panels Ireland – Solar Panels Ireland

What is Solar Energy?

Solar power is environmentally friendly energy harnessed from the light of the sun which can be converted into power used heat in your home or business premises. Solar energy is not a new development in Ireland as it has been used for many years however solar panels are continually becoming more and more advanced in terms of energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. The sun is the ultimate source of energy, either directly or indirectly as it radiates enormous amounts of energy to the earth which when utilised to its potential will reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

Benefits of Solar Energy and Solar Panels

  • Solar energy is free.
  • You can save up to 70% on energy bills in Ireland.
  • Ecoliving provide Kingspan Solar Panels which we fully install and come with a 20 Year Warranty on the vacuum in the tubes and 5 year warranty on the parts.
  • Solar products require little maintenance; once the initial installation is complete and brought up to maximum efficiency no further purchases or equipment is ever needed.
  • Payback periods can be as little as 5 years with significant savings to be made over time. Solar panel energy creation is unobtrusive as the panels are typically located on a building’s rooftop.
  • Solar Energy is Sustainable and Renewable meaning that we will never run out of it – it is a natural source of power which will generate energy to heat water.
  • Solar panels are a silent producer of energy; absolutely no noise is made from solar panels as they convert the sun’s rays into usable energy.
  • Solar panels produce zero emissions and have no adverse affects on the environment.
  • Grants are available to Irish residents from to offset the initial outlay. Grants are subject to certain criteria and they must apply to the SEAI to see if they are eligible.

Solar Panels

A Solar panel is placed on the roof or surrounding grounds of a premise’s in order to collect the naturally created solar energy. There are a number of different types of collectors available to customers, depending on specific requirements and recommendations which will heat your water directly or generate electricity. Collectors have a specially designed surface coating which is a good absorber of solar energy. A correctly sized system can be used for up to 70% of the water heating in your home.

Different Solar panels Available

There are 2 main types of solar panel available for residential use in Ireland today. The first type of solar panel is the Solar Thermal Panel which heats a fluid/gas directly and transfers this heat into a hot water storage tank.

Solar Energy and Commercial Buildings

Using solar power is a very effective way of generating electricity to power electrical equipment such as lighting or for heating hot water directly. In a typical commercial situation large roofs are available which are usually unobstructed and are ideal for solar installations. There are a number of benefits to using solar on the commercial scale. Firstly bills can be drastically reduced against a minimal initial outlay with payback periods being as little as two years. Also, with prospective carbon tax on the horizon, significant carbon credits can be earned by using this renewable energy source.

Keywords: Environmentally Friendly Energy, solar panels

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