By: East coast fitness  16/02/2015
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I was feeling out of shape, not eating well and when I did go for a run, I was nagged by a chronic hip problem. I felt unmotivated, but I knew I had to do something. When Mark offered his training program to me, it was a "come this week and see how you feel." Within two weeks I was feeling great. I started to crave healthy food, my runs were stronger, my hips no longer gave me pain. I felt balanced and back in control. The best part about working out with Mark, for me, is the variety of exercise that we do. It is never the same from workout to workout. I have never been bored, and it always challenges me in a new way. Training outside also adds a new dimension. It gives me the exhilaration of my run, but in an extremely time-effective manner. No matter what the weather, I am out in the fresh air. It feels amazing. And, the clever design of his van allows us to workout even in the rain. I enjoy getting outside for my sessions. It invigorates me like I've never felt inside a gym. The workout is over before I know it, and always leaves me looking forward to the next one. My body feels stronger than it ever has. My mind feels more focused. I won't go back to being, "off-again." I have made a permanent change for the better. Training is now an essential part of my week, and one I don't think I want to do without, thanks to Mark at East Coast Fitness in Motion. Heather Lawlor.

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