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By: Ddm  05/12/2011




With Note-to-Lookup you can write one note and insert it into multiple contacts.. 

and now with version 2.2 you can

attach files!

ACT ver 5/2000 and 6 Compatible

"The Placeholder"

It has happened to all ACT! users, and for some it happens many times a day..

You are cheerfully editing record number 778 out of 1014 in your ACT! lookup, and the phone rings. Being the client-oriented person you are, you quickly look up the caller's record. When the call is complete and your notes are entered, you return to your previous lookup to find yourself on record 1 of 1014. The obvious problem is how to quickly get back to the record you were editing before the call.

One solution involves an object with some weight placed on the page-down key on your keyboard.

Our solution involves a couple of buttons added to your ACT! toolbar, and is substantially more convenient. The buttons look like this:

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