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By: Complete Personal Training  05/12/2011
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Our trainers offer a safe, effective way to help women and men achieve their fitness goals in a friendly, non-threatening and relaxed atmosphere. With a Complete personal trainer, results come quickly because you maximize exercise time, follow an eating plan, set goals, and have the accountability one often needs to stay with an exercise program. Our private training rooms, individualized programs, and motivating atmosphere set us apart from the average gym. Whether your goals are to firm up, lose inches, add stamina and strength, or add muscle, we have a program and a trainer to suit you.

COMPLETE PERSONAL TRAINING offers experienced professional trainers who have vast experience in training in the fitness industry and offer highly motivating sessions and advice to reach goals and objectives set prior to commencing training. The training sessions are designed to your specific needs. Everybody is different and has different goals and objectives so we will design a program that will get you where you want to go. You will be also be given a simple program and eating plan to follow if you can’t make a session or you can do while away with work, holidays or just stuck at home.

COMPLETE PERSONAL TRAINING offers a unique atmosphere and environment to train in a group. If it’s just the company or comfort of working out with a friend or colleague or just to spread the cost. Complete Personal Training can accommodate your needs.

Just as not every shoe fits every individual. Not every eating plan is suitable for everyone. COMPLETE PERSONAL TRAINING provides an in depth and comprehensive eating plan tailored to suit your body type, goals, lifestyle, work schedule and of course your preference, after all, it’s you who is going to stick with it.

Combined with a individualised nutrition and Cardiovascular programme, COMPLETE PERSONAL TRAINING can give you that chizzled lean toned look. Have you ever walked along the beach afraid to take your top off in case somebody made a joke about your loose belly or wobbling arms AKA bingo wings. Some day or one day are not a day of the week so contact COMPLETE PERSONAL TRAINING today to enquire about a free consultation

COMPLETE PERSONAL TRAINING can provide the motivation, platform and all the tools needed to reach your fitness goals. Fat Burning through Weight Resistance Training and using a high intensity work out combined with a strict individualized eating plan

With all the buzz about the importance of exercise, I think most people understand that they need to exercise to be healthy. But for most people it is still a mystery what exercises they should do. Well, the answer may be simpler than you thought. Like most things in life, we need a balance. Balanced exercise includes both cardio, where your heart rate is increased to a target training level and strengthens the most important muscle in your body, your heart; and weight resistance , where you strengthen all the other muscles in your body.

No doubt you have heard of the benefits of cardio exercises like jogging, walking, swimming, and bike riding. But you may not be as familiar with the benefits of weight resistance exercise. You may even think that lifting weights is just for serious body builders. However, medical research is continually discovering more and more benefits from weight resistance training for everyone. That's right, everyone; men, women, kids.

The active metabolic tissue in our bodies is in our muscles . Weight resistance exercise involving all the muscles in the body maximises the body's ability to burn fat and produce energy. In fact, weight resistance exercise does this more effectively than cardio exercise does. Even when resting or sleeping, healthy, toned muscle tissue is very active and requires up to 45 calories per pound per day. Think of that. If you have toned muscles, you will be burning fat, even when you are asleep!

Cardiovascular fitness can be defined simply as your body's ability to get oxygen and blood to the muscles. The slang term "wind" sums it up nicely.G can provide the motivation, platform and all the tools needed to reach your fitness goals. Fat Burning through Weight Resistance Training and using a high intensity work out combined with a strict individualized eating plan. COMPLETE PERSONAL TRAINING can help you create a fitness plan by showing you a few simple guidelines you can follow which can determin how much cardio work you should do. Basically, it all comes down to your goals.

Cardiovascular training, no matter what the exercise, is categorized based on duration and intensity. When you are choosing which type of cardio to do, keep your goals in mind.

  • If your goal is to improve your general cardiovascular fitness, do moderate intensity work where you are starting to breathe deeply and you can feel that you are working.
  • If your goal is fat loss but you're in poor shape, do low intensity, long duration work such as walking.
  • If you want fat loss and you're in reasonably good cardiovascular shape, do the type that burns the most calories, i.e. high-intensity training

Whatever your goals, we at COMPLETE PERSONAL TRAINING can develop the right plan to suit you needs.

Damian has been treating injuries for the past 5 years since he qualified as a sports therapist. This consists of deep tissue massage, neuro muscular techniques, ultra sound amongst many other up to date treatment methods. His experience in this field ranges from working with Bective Rangers rugby team, St Gerards school and many individual clients all over south Co Dublin who have successfully been rehabilitated.

  • Damian works with people who have sustained an injury, and designs preventative exercises for professional, amateur, and casual athletes who want to prevent injuries.
  • Damian special interests include the rehabilitation and prevention of back, shoulder, and knee injuries.
  • Damian will begin by carefully assessing your injury or risk of injury, including a discussion with your health care professional when appropriate.
  • Preventative exercise is particularly important. Knee injuries, for example, are often the result of improper technique, lack of conditioning, and inadequate flexibility — and Damian can teach you the things you can do to keep your knees strong.
  • If you play a sport which involves throwing, you may already know about the danger of rotator cuff tendonitis; Damian can guide you through exercises which can help.
  • Contact Damian now to set up a free consultation about physical rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Damian and his team designs individualized training programs appropriate to the demands of an athlete's particular sport.

Increasing strength and flexibility will improve performance in nearly every sport, but the increase must meet the demands of the specific sport. Simply lifting increasingly heavier weights, for example, may not result in increased power and speed in a specific sport.

Damian and his team will help you avoid both over-training and under-training, and he will show you how to increase your strength without sacrificing speed and agility and flexibility.

Damian helps athletes move intelligently to a higher level of performance in their sport, including:

  • Running/Sprinting
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf

We can work with golfers who want to improve their whole game, particularly their long drive.

We will help you improve your core strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, posture, coordination, and balance. As your conditioning improves, your game will improve and become more consistent, and you will be better able to avoid golf-related injuries.

You might also consider scheduling a thirty-minute manual stretching session with us before you play. Stretching will of course increase your flexibility and range of movement, and may even mean fewer tendon and muscle injuries.

Contact Damian about a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss improving your game.

Everybody knows your head has to be healthy as well as your body. Mental health is extremely important. A Combined tailored diet and exercise program will help de stress and make you feel a million dollars It’s a clinically proven fact that moderate to intense exercise will release endorphins in your brain that is the ultimate stress buster. A COMPLETE PERSONAL TRAINING session will have you feeling great and revitalised getting you ready to take on the world.

Choosing the right layout and equipment for your home gym is vital. We will help you make intelligent choices and is happy to come to your home and advise you what you exactly what you need for your home gym. Collaborating with your architect or contractor, or after evaluating your existing space, we will help you plan your exercise room and assist you with equipment recommendations and can even organize the purchase of equipment at competitive prices and have it delivered so you don’t have to worry about it. Contact us now about designing a home gym which will help you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Very common cause of injuries occurring in sport, exercise or otherwise are caused from being inflexible. Sometimes flexibility and joint mobilization can be more effective than weight lifting for certain sports. Combing muscle energy techniques and traditional manual stretching COMPLETE PERSONAL TRAINING help prevent muscle injuries and promote well being

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience but it can be a daunting and scary time, especially when your body goes through so many changes. Getting back in shape after your birth can be fun invigorating experience with COMPLETE PERSONAL TRAINING especially if you’ve been eating for two!! A highly qualified personal trainer will put you through your paces in a secure private environment that will get that body back in shape in no time.

Training the young adults has become more popular than ever. From boot camps for kids, to professional athletes, to weight loss, to teaching them how to run, all these areas are covered in depth and with a vast knowledge and experience. As mentioned above, sometimes flexibility and joint mobilization can be more effective than resistance training in certain sports for boys and girls. So make sure they have excellent training with COMPLETE PERSONAL TRAINING because poor physical conditioning of young athletes can lead to injuries and imbalances in the future.

We can make it fun and enjoyable while maximizing results at the same time. Damian and his team have had vast experience training kids from the age of 8 to 18. We know you want your best for your kids so give them the right start in their preferred sport or in life.

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