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By: Amas  05/12/2011
Keywords: marketing, market research, Marketing and Communications

Every day, corporate and individual reputations are being made – but sometimes also broken – online. You, your company and your brands have an online footprint – on search engines, on websites and on social media sites. But there is also an online shadow: negative, incorrect and often highly damaging content that affects your reputation.

Businesses are becoming increasingly concerned about managing risk online, particularly on social media.  In an AMAS/Marketing Institute of Ireland survey, 51% of Irish marketing professionals said that they had concerns about such risks to their companies, their brands and also to them as individuals about what was published on blogs, social networks and other channels.

But there is a realisation, too, that such online media can build brands, enable companies to develop powerful relationships with customers and also deliver marketing and communications projects cost-effectively.

What to do?  Firstly, develop a strategy. Then, execute that strategy excellently.


How can social media and other online channels deliver real business value? What role do they play in supporting strategic marketing, sales or other objectives?  How to capitalise on the opportunities and mitigate the risks?

The strategies that AMAS develops give a framework and governance model for businesses to use  social media and other online channels. They are informed by the business imperatives, market research and insights into how your customers and other target audiences are interacting with your business or brand online.

AMAS conducts online reputation audits and develops strategies to improve your reputation.  We provide the roadmap to enable you and your team to continuously monitor and manage your reputation online.


How to establish and manage a presence on social media sites?   What tools and techniques should you use?  How to measure effectiveness and integrate with your other activity?

AMAS supports client teams to execute their strategies.  We provide training, guidelines, monitoring and other ongoing support services.

Keywords: market research, marketing, Marketing and Communications

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