Bodysculpting enhancement & beauty retouching for fashion

By: Airbrushing  05/12/2011
Keywords: Beauty Retouching

The art of bodysculpting, (where the body is moulded and shaped into a refined form or shape) is certainly controversial at the moment. Thanks in part to a ridiculous picture produced by Ralph Lauren featuring a jeans model with an 18 inch waist!

How ever as you can see, our productions are not so crude.

“sometimes spectacular,

sometimes subtle,

- but always exceptional!”

Some body-sculpting modifications requested by our clients include:

  • Lengthen legs
  • Improved smile
  • Bust enhanced
  • Even tan
  • Tattoos removed
  • Hair tidied
  • Eye lines corrected
  • Hips taken in
  • Expressions softened

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Keywords: Beauty Retouching

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