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By: Cove Energy  05/12/2011
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The geology is akin to that offshore, however there has been oil seeps onshore.  Only two wells penetrate the Cretaceous section to date (Mocimboa #1 & Lukeledi #1). The three Cretaceous fields, Songo Songo in offshore central Tanzania and the Pande and Temane Fields in Southern Mozambique, were used as reality checks for the Onshore CretaceousGas play. At the time of the initial 2008 reviews, there was sparse 2D seismic coverage over approximately 50% of the Rovuma Onshore block. An additional 640 km of 2D seismic was acquired and processed by Artumas in mid 2008 and is now being interpreted.

The wells in Mnazi Bay of Southern Tanzania, while producing mainly gas on extensive production tests, have produced a small quantity of oil. Several possible source rocks have been postulated with their probable stratigraphic positions mapped on the available seismic.

The analysis of the seismic data has resulted in a number of leads being identified in both the Cretaceous & Tertiary sands. The Cretaceous leads are gas plays, with the Tertiary leads being oil plays.

In the Mozambique Rovuma Onshore block, the partners have agreed to enter into the second phase exploration programme. Phase II, to be implemented over a period of 30 months, commenced on 1 March 2011. The minimum work obligations for Phase II consist of 100 sq km of 3D seismic and the drilling of an additional exploration well.

One well, Mecupa 1, has been drilled by Cove and its partners on this concession and reached the target depth of 2,898m in mid-November 2009. This first drilling location was selected based on the seismic data acquired in 2008 which showed positive structural closure on three of the 2D seismic lines. After a necessary side track, the well was plugged back and abandoned in late November 2009, mainly due to the condition of the well bore. While the well is not fit for production, the results are

encouraging. The well encountered excellently developed reservoir quality sands and hydrocarbon indications throughout, however, analysis of the logs suggest that the potential reservoir sections penetrated have high water saturation and would not flow commercial quantities of gas if drill stem tested. In accordance with the requirements of the EPCC, 10% of the block was relinquished back to the Mozambican authorities following the successful completion of Phase I commitments.

It is envisaged that 2D seismic acquisition will commence in late 2011 with a drilling programme to follow in 2012 or 2013.

Mozambique Rovuma Onshore Partnership Working Interest
Anadarko (operator) 35.7%
Maurel & Prom 27.7%
Wentworth Resources 11.6%
ENH 15.0%
Cove Energy 10.0%

Keywords: oil

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The company has acquired interest in two concessions; a 10% net interest in the Onshore Rovuma concession, and 8.5% net interest in Rovuma Basin Offshore Area One. In 2010 and early 2011 four significant gas discoveries were made by the Rovuma Offshore Area 1 partnership.


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In April 2010 operations on the Collier well were suspended after encountering pore pressure issues at the top of the predicted reservoir objective, causing the operator to deem it unsafe to continue drilling. The Barquentine well which is located two miles northeast from the Windjammer discovery reported a total of 416 net ft of natural gas pay in multiple high-quality sands in October 2010.