BER Cert

By: QR EnerStar  03/12/2009
Keywords: energy efficiency, Sustainable Energy, Ber Certificate

A BER Certificate is calculated on the basis of the following parameters:
Building dimensions
Materials used for construction of the dwelling
Thermal insulation of the building fabric
Ventilation characteristics of the dwelling and ventilation equipment
Efficiency and control of the heating system(s)
Solar gains through openings of the dwelling the fuel used to provide space and water heating
Ventilation and lighting
Renewable energy technologies.

Although the certificate itself will just show you the primary energy use per unit floor area per year (kWh/m/y represented on an A to G scale (see BER certificate); and associated Carbon Dioxide (CO ) emissions in kgCO /m /yr the report which accompanies the Cert will contain information which will enable you to cut your costs, save yourself money on bills and help to save the planet for the next generations.

The homeowner is under no obligation to follow the Advisory Report but it gives you an idea of what areas of the property are affecting the energy rating.

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