Shower Dome

By:  10/01/2011
Keywords: Sustainable Energy, energy saving, eco friendly products

Eliminate steam in your bathroom with the Shower Dome. The Shower Dome is a cover that fits onto the top of your shower unit. When installed, an extractor fan is no longer necessary neither is it necessary to open bathroom windows thus retaining home heating. No more steam means you have a clean mirror, dry walls, no mould or mildew and a healthier more energy efficient home.

How Does it work and what does it do?
Steam is caused when cold air mixes with warm air. By installing a shower dome on top of your shower you prevent the cold air in your bathroom mixing with the warm air in your shower cabinet. This will eliminate the steam and provide you with a warmer, dryer bathroom and a healthier home. No more steam means
- A clean mirror
- No condensation
- No wet walls or ceiling
- No mould or mildew
- No need for dehumidifer in your bathroom.

What saving can be achieved by installing a showerdome?
With the imminent introduction of domestic water rates in Ireland the showerdome could will help you save money. Uncomfortable cold bathroom air coming into your shower cabinet is one of the main reasons people use an unnecessary amount of hot water when showering. In an enclosed warm space you will run the water at a lower temperature. Overtime this will lead to a significant savings on your energy bill.
Installation of a showerdome means you no longer need energy costing extractor fans in your bathroom.
Home heating escaping out the bathroom window will be a thing of the past with the showerdome. By  installing a showerdome you will significantly reduce mildew and mould in your bathroom. Less cleaning time and cleaning products will be required to keep your bathroom fresh.
A showerdome will lead to significant savings on maintaining your bathroom. Painting and decorating will be necessary less often as dampness reduces dramatically.

Can it work on all showers?
The Showerdome can be installed on any shower including those with one, two or even three tiled walls.

How do I know what size to buy?
The Showerdome comes in 10 standard sizes and is suitable for square , oblong (rectangular), curved or triangular shaped showers.

What is included with the Showerdome?
When you buy a showerdome from we include the trim (F rail) which is used to secure the Dome to the wall. 

Keywords: eco friendly products, energy saving, Sustainable Energy, Water Saving Products