Ecocamel Aerated Showerhead

By:  10/01/2011
Keywords: Home Energy Saving, eco friendly products, Water Saving Products

Featured on the UK Apprentice recently the Ecocamel Aerated Hose Showerhead allows you to enjoy a refreshing shower whilst saving water, energy and money. Based on a family of 4 each showering for 5 minutes daily it is estimated that the Ecocamel would save you approximately €290 a year,

Features & Benefits of the ecocamel aeratored shower head  
- Saves Energy by Using Up to 60 % Less Hot Water  
- Eliminates clogging & scaling – contains removable face plate  
- Contains quick drain feature – anti-legionella effect  
- Easy to fit – no plumbing required- fits all standard  shower hose
- Sleek chrome design with unique spray effect  
- Water consumption - conventional showerhead - 12 litres a minute.  
- Water consumption – new Aerated showerhead 7 litres a minute.  

Potential Savings  
- It is estimated that with an aeratored showerhead install a family of four will save over 43,000 litres of water every year.  
- It is estimated that a family of four can save up to €290 every year on water and electricity bills using the new aerated showerhead so this product will pay for itself in no time.  

How does it work  
Air is inhaled into the water stream through a venturi device at the base of the handle to create a mix of water and air.   This mixture increases the pressure inside the body of the shower head causing turbulence and spins the water at high speed.   Pressurised spa like shower spray gives an enjoyable full flow performance, delivering up to 60% savings on water.

Keywords: eco friendly products, Home Energy Saving, Water Saving Products