Ireland's Ceative Landscape

By: Oghamzone  16/09/2010
Keywords: jewellery, Fashion Accessories, Catalogue

The Oghamzone takes its name from Ireland’s ancient Runic writing Ogham pronounced ’ohm’. An alphabet once used by Irish Druids to remember stories and folklore. The Oghamzone combines this legacy with the imagination of the authors of the Book of Kells, who used images of art from the richness of the world around them to tell a story.They used the spiral patterns seen on the Neolithic tombs at Newgrange Co. Meath, the La Tène art of the Iron Age, the Pictish art from northern Europe, Islamic and Hindu art from the Ancient East. These two traditions of  Irish oral and image story telling are brought together in The Oghamzone to show the intricate tapestry of Ireland’s creative past, its design present and innovative future. To view some of the historical influences on Ireland’s creative landscape, whether Gael, Viking, Saxon, Norman or Celt.Go to the Ogham Oracle section of the Oghamzone.

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