System installation and training

By: Green Light Data Systems  29/06/2010
Keywords: data management, Data Entry, Training Service

Installation & Training As an additional service to startup support, we also offer an installation and training package which allows you to gain peace of mind.

This does not just cover our own products, in many cases we will oversee the installation and training on 3rd party Windows products also.

Please contact us for more details on the specifics of this service.

This service is not included in the purchase of Green Light Data Systems' products and is charged at a daily rate of €300 (Travel expenses not included.)

The service itself encompasses the following :

//Installation of labelling, data managament or database systems (including but not limited to) ://-Oracle 9i / 10g Installation and configuration.

//-SQL Server 2000/2003 & 2008 database & or products-Backup management of these databases-Foundation level training on the necessities of data security management on these systems-Training and Q&A session on how to use the product concerned. ALL levels of computer literacy are catered for here.

//Application interfacing to existing IT framework :-Installation & setup of LabelTasks / PalletStar systems & training on same-Linking of LabelTasks / PalletStar / Other products to existing systems to broaden the usage of said products.-Training on 3rd party link maintenance to get the best performance from your system setup.

//Post installation & training service :: -Service Q&A / Checkback - We will schedule to check back with those involved in training later on to see if other issues need to be resolved. What this essentially means is that we strive to provide a fully rounded solution which minimises the chance of unresolved issues or individual doubts about processes to fall to the wayside and develope into larger problems later on.

Keywords: Data Consultancy, Data Conversion, Data Entry, data management, Training Service