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By: Aviation Services Ireland  05/12/2011
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Services that are Recommended by our Client Airlines
The ASI philosophy is to build a partnership between the company and its client airlines. The relationship is based on integrity and an honesty in our approach to ensuring that we maximise recoveries for the client airline and protect their revenue, working at all times within client guidelines and industry standards.
Inward Billings
  • Unchecked Prime Billings
    ASI will ensure that each coupon is audited to ensure that overbillings in prorates, ISC and interline taxes are detected and highlighted for recovery.

  • Secondary Check on Accepted Billings
    ASI has developed a solid reputation for adding value (cash and profit) through the provision of the 2nd Pass audit on the interline billings. The auditing timeframe is within a four week period and all recoveries are achieved within IATA deadlines. The electronic audit process is simple and the return to the airline is significant.

  • Rebills/ Recharges / FIMs
    ASI has the technology and auditors with experience, expertise and intuitive skills to undertake the auditing of recharges and FIMs in order to maximise recoveries and protect client airline revenue.
Interline Tax Audit
    ASI has developed, under licence from IATA, a comprehensive interline tax auditing application that extracts the interline taxes information from the RATD. The interline taxes audit application, together with the skills and knowledge of the ASI auditors, provides client airlines with the assurance that interline taxes are properly billed. The ASI interline tax audit will identify overbillings that the airline revenue accounting system cannot check.
Outward Billings
  • Quality Assurance (post billing audit)
    ASI will audit the completed outward billing file and highlight underbillings in prorates, ISC and interline taxes. The service provides valuable feedback to improve the cash flow and will highlight underbillings that are costing your Airline valuable revenue each month.

  • Dynamic Auditing
    Undertaken within the current billing cycle, this dynamic audit on the outward billing provides the client airline with the ability to eliminate any underbillings before the outward billing is sent to the partner airline.
Audit of Sample Billings
  • Many airlines raise interline billings based on IATA sampling techniques. ASI will provide a recheck on the sample billings and will identify additional recoveries that would otherwise go undetected. In this way ASI provides quality assurance on the airline sampling techniques and, at the same time, achieves additional recoveries for its client airlines.
Refund Processing
(and other support services to Revenue Accounting)
  • ASI has provided a number of different support services to revenue accounting operations. One such service is the provision of refund processing that requires an understanding of proration and ticketing. ASI will access the client airline systems to interrogate and evaluate refund applications for client airline passengers. Valid refund applications are then cleared for payment by the client airline.

Keywords: Aviation Services, quality assurance

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