Brochure Designing Tips for First Timers

By: Pixelo Design Ltd  08/06/2016
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Brochures and flyers are the most used printed marketing material. They are also perhaps the most effective way to promote a business without going over the top. Businesses try to take charge of a fair share of the market by offering their clients, customers, and investors exactly what they require to become a successful part of the growth story. The right message can be conveyed to the target audience with trendy brochure designs. Brochure printing is an efficient and economical way of reaching out to potential customers and building a brand image for your business at the same time. A smart, bold, and yet intelligent design is the key to achieving healthy returns on investment and generate profits with these versatile marketing media. Effective and creative brochure designs ensure seamless integration of the message to be conveyed with the presentation of facts and numbers.

There are many designing tips for brochures. If one has just started out with the exercise, they need to take even greater care. Some of the useful tips for designing brochures are mentioned here.

Make it stand out: Ensure the brochure is attractive and eye-catching. But remember that there is a fine line between delicate grace and ludicrous grandiosity. It should be visually appealing without going overboard. Use of bold colours, thought-provoking images, and stunning word-play can add to the quality. Always keep in mind that the front of the brochure gets the most attention. This is where the curiosity to read further begins. Try to keep the fonts unique and interesting to motivate the reader to continue.

Understand the target audience: Keep in mind the type of audience going through the brochure that you design. This should be reflected in the tone of your brochure – catchy and exciting, but not pushy. Especially if you are looking for new clients. If your focus is on maintaining current relations with clients and customers, use content and images that convey trust, reliability, and professionalism.

Engage the reader: The brochure text, images, and graphics should work in harmony to demonstrate the benefits that your business can offer to the potential customer. However, there is no real need to emphasise every detail. The customer should be able to perceive and understand that they come first. Tell them more about your work philosophy and the ideas you believe in.

Aesthetic appeal: While designing a brochure, try to come up with an appealing design. The content, particularly the text and numbers should not be long and heavy. Stick to the core points and do not distract the reader away from the issue at hand. Use large, clean fonts for the headlines to catch the attention of the reader. Try employing neat, relevant graphics along with bullet points to avoid verbose and potentially boring walls of text. Graphics that are in tune with your design and business can add aesthetic appeal to your bullet points. When done correctly, they can draw the attention to top-selling pitches.

About the Company:
Pixelo Design Ltd is a graphic design company specially offering their service to Ireland small business community. They also offer logo design, brochure design, explainer video, web design, etc. service in Ireland. The company work with an aim to provide high quality design services to Irish small business.

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