Effective Team Work: Become A Belbin Accredited Consultant

By: Xenergie Consulting Ltd  11/01/2011
Keywords: team building, Business Coaching, management training

Learn how to improve and recognise your team's 'personality' and enhance your Team Working culture. This 2.5-days course goes way beyond ensuring users of the Belbin profiling model and Interplace system are fully competent and achieve the required standards to become Belbin accredited.

It provides participants with the knowledge and skills on how to use the Belbin model to improve individual, team, and organisational performance.

Dr Meredith Belbin defines a Team Role as "Our tendency to behave, contribute, and interrelate with others in a particular way."
The extent to which team role profiling correlates with team performance was demonstrated using predictive validity by Prof. Meredith Belbin and his associates over a span of 15 years of empirical research - it showed that a balanced team - one with the greatest chance to develop fully effective working arrangements - would contain a balance of Team Roles.

This is a rare opportunity to join a public course for official accreditation in the Belbin Team Role methodology - and currently the only opportunity in Ireland. The course will be facilitated by Xenergie and Barrie Watson, one of the world's leading authorities on using teams to bring about tangible performance improvements. Barrie was worked with over 100 organisations around the world as diverse as The World Bank, ABB, Pfizer, Diageo, and the United Nations on how to adopt team working as a best practice by using the Belbin Team Role model.


Keywords: Business Coaching, management training, team building