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By: Painting In Dublin  26/11/2015
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Interior Domestic Painting. Useful Tips When it comes to interior painting and decorating there are a number of key factors property owners should take into account. One of them is choosing the right Painter and Decorator to do the job for you. You could, of course, paint the house yourself and save money. That is all good as long as you follow thoroughly the guide lines of Interior Painting and Decorating and ensure the proper use of appropriate paint and painting products as well as surface preparation and of course be very meticulous with the detail. Sounds complicated? Well…it isn’t simple but luckily Painting In Dublin can take care of all your Painting and Decorating needs! All you’ll have to do is get in touch and we’ll take it from there. What can you expect from Painting in Dublin? An outstanding Painting and decorating service. After we establish an appointment, one of our Painters will call to your house to evaluate the job and give you a free estimate. During this viewing it is very important to point out any problems with the surfaces your house may have like damp stains or other imperfections that may affect the required preparation work in order for our painters to estimate the cost for painting your house efficiently and correctly. Scheduling the work and Getting started. Once the price is agreed, the work can be scheduled and done as soon as a gap in our work schedule appears. We will fix a date and agree on colours and finishes, after which we will proceed with the Painting and Decorating. In general we work weekdays and sometimes over the weekend depending on each customer preference fitting our work around their schedule. Painting a house or apartment is very different to painting an office or other business premises mainly because of the availability of the premises for our painters. While businesses prefer the painting to be done outside working hours, domestic houses and apartments are usually Painted and Decorated during working hours…except for unoccupied houses in which case painting can be done any time. How is it done? Any Professional Painter knows to start the work with protecting the items of the house. Painting In Dublin painters are professional painters and do the same. We will cover every surface that is not meant to be painted and apply masking tape to all knobs and handles and other items that need protecting from painting spraying and staining… After we make sure all the covering is complete we begin Preparation work before the actual painting happens. All surfaces are cleaned scraped sanded and wiped as required, holes and rough plasterwork are filled and smoothened out and stains are blocked to ensure a perfect finish to our painting and decorating job. Painting then begins starting with ceilings and walls and finishing with the woodwork. Depending on specific requirements of each surface painting usually is done in at least 2 coats which ensures an even surface coverage with no patches. After all Painting is finished we remove all coverings and tape we applied in the beginning and clean after us leaving your house in a spotless condition with a new look sure to please anyone! After the work is checked by both our painters and the customer and it is agreed that all work was carried out as requested, we finalise and leave the premises. If you would like to get a free quotation from Painting In Dublin give us a call on 0870940950 or complete our online form leaving us your details and we’ll get in touch with you. Painting In Dublin Team.

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