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By: Sofa Cleaning Dublin  13/11/2016
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Leather Sofa Cleaning Deep cleaning a leather sofa looks like a pretty easy task. You just spray a leather cleaner and you scrub untill the dirt is gone. Right? Far from it! Your sofa will get dirt over time. Food spillages, body fats, pets, drinks, general dirt, etc, will all help to make your sofa un attractive and it will harden the leather. Step 1: Degreasing The leather wax won`t get a chance to pass through the dirt to help enhance the leather. A special leather degreaser needs to be used to break all the fats. A quick spray and light scrub will do the trick. Step 2 : Antibacterial You don`t want to trap a lot of bad bacteria under your wax. So a nice clean with a professional anti-bacterial will assure full removal of all kinds of bad infections. Step 3: Waxing Apply the wax with a mocrofiber cloth. Allow time to work and 5 minutes later you should start waxiing your sofa with dry microfiber pads. If you skip any of this steps you won`t achieve the best results. To deep clean your sofa and to achieve the best possible results, just call Dublin Sofa Cleaning. Leather Sofa Cleaning - Affordable sofa cleaning services!

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