By: Calor Gas  06/01/2015
Keywords: Sustainable Energy, central heating, Water Heating

Future renewable energy Due to its flexible infrastructure and limited impact on the environment, Calor Gas is a natural partner for innovative renewable energy systems that require a complementary source to compensate for inevitable supply disruption. Experts agree that high efficiency fossil fuels, along with energy from renewable sources, have the potential to meet our energy needs in the future while reducing CO2 emissions. Future innovations That’s why Calor is working alongside manufacturers of renewable energy technologies to supply energy solutions that provide commercial and environmental benefits. For more information on the many benefits of LPG, see www.exceptionalenergy.com Future environmental safety In addition to future supply, we must also take the future of our environment into account. Unlike fuels which emit smoke particles into the air, using LPG does not reduce air quality. LPG also removes the environmental risks associated with unforeseen events like oil spillages. Future sustainability As Calor is the leading supplier of LPG in Ireland, we care about the environment and are committed to pressing for sustainable developments in this area. We also look at our own environmental performance and we will continue to review and adopt best practice industry solutions.

Keywords: central heating, Sustainable Energy, Water Heating