Post-natal Reflexology

By: Trish Darcy Holistic Therapist M.I.R.I.L  01/11/2011
Keywords: Breast Feeding, Mother, Maternity Reflexology

Healthy recovery in post partum is essential for the new mother. The process of pregnancy, labour and birth will have placed additional demands and stresses on a woman’s body. After labour the body rapidly begins to recover its own shape and physiology. Reflexology can be hugely beneficial at this time assisting with recovery and healing as well as revitalising and toning up parts of the body that were directly involved in pregnancy and the birth process.
A woman may experience a mixture of emotions after the process of labour in addition to making the adjustment in her new role as a mother. Interrupted sleep patterns alongside the demands involved in taking care of a new-born all impact on a woman’s energy and emotional levels. There will also be significant hormonal shifts as a woman’s body begins to return to its non-pregnant state.

Reflexology is extremely beneficial for rebalancing and revitalising the whole body and its systems, and assisting the body’s return to its regular metabolism at this time. Reflexology treatments provide a relaxing, nurturing and healing space for mum to take some much needed time out to take care of herself. For women who are breast-feeding Reflexology can help with the additional energy loss associated with this. Treatments will also aid with milk flow and minimising soreness.
The relaxing, nurturing and restorative aspects of Reflexology can assist women with the bonding process of their new baby and provide a smoother and supportive transition in her role as mother. Even if a woman has had a straightforward labour her body will benefit from the rebalancing and restorative qualities of Reflexology.
Aromatherapy oils specifically blended for you at this time are also used as part of a post-natal Reflexology treatment. Homecare advice/ recommendations tailored to your needs are also provided to offer additional support.

Examples of how Reflexology can help in the Postnatal Process: General postnatal care, After forceps delivery, After caesarean section, After Epidural anaesthesia, Backache, Aching joints, Breast engorgement, Breast mastitis, Constipation, Fatigue, Help with lactation, Perineal pain due to painful episiotomy, Postnatal melancholy, Bonding.

Keywords: Breast Feeding, Maternity Reflexology, Mother, post-natal

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