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By: Flextime  05/12/2011
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VisionTime from FlexTime is in use in countless organisations throughout Ireland, the U.K and Holland.

Clocking Options

The system offers a wide range of clocking options.

VisionTime caters for a wide range of working environments which include the following:

  • Government Departments
  • Councils
  • Insurance Companies
  • Call Centres
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Retail
  • Catering
  • Restaurants
  • Educational
  • The Construction Industry
  • and many more

Using the VisionTime system will support your organisation in creating a more developed working time environment which is in tune with the modern workplace.

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VisionTime from FlexTime is a web oriented Time and Attendance system. 

VisionTime is designed to encourage the involvement of Staff, Supervisors and Senior Management. Each user can avail of new electronic and real-time techniques and devices to manage vital workplace issues. The VisionTime system accommodates many, many different approaches to the monitoring of working hours.

So 27 years years of experience at FlexTime has gone into the design of VisionTime, which takes these diversity of needs into account.

One example of this is whereby, even the smallest feature can be turned on or off so as to match the internal needs of each organisation.

In addition, while the system can be installed "off the shelf", we can also create "tailor made" software programmes.

Staff Functionality:

Key in/out locally or remotely.

Submit their own updates or corrections to time and absence records electronically and at their own PC’s, with electronic approval coming from the supervisor and can call up their own activity reports.

Advise the system when/where they are going & when they expect to return.

Card Options

The VisionTime system supports a variety of Card Types [e.g. Mag Stripe, Proximity] and Time Terminals can aslo be access by PIN codes.

Supervisors Functionality

  • Handle requests for time off “electronically” from their own PCs or at a centralised PC
  • Set up employee records/entitlements, time schedules/shift, call up reports and the Time Bank
  • Run reports

Other System Features

  • Trend Reports - expert analysis on how time is being utilised in your workplace.
  • The Time Bank - helps to reduce, say, overtime by "banking" hours for taking off later.

Using the Web:

  • VisionTime works over your own organisation's computer network, using the intranet or internet
  • The location and numbers of staff accessing the system is irrelevant
  • There is no need for local software

VisionTime is ideal for branch networks, government departments separated into many buildings, chains of stores, recruitment agencies, forecourts, home/remote workers and "hot deskers" too. The system is also scalable so can work for small numbers of employees just as easily as it can for major organisations.

Keywords: Time Terminals

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