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By: Flextime  05/12/2011
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Electronic Staff Rostering & Scheduling for today’s workplace

Managing a modern workforce has never been more demanding. A question we often ask people is - in today's modern working environment, would you, handle your accounts and invoicing manually?

“Of course not” is the answer that we always get.

Meanwhile, the management of working time and schedules - is a subject which connects directly to an organisation’s biggest overhead i.e. pay. Why is then, that many organisations still operate either on a manual or a part manual basis? Indeed, even where a system is used, it can often be so bottlenecked as to resemble a manual system.

VisionPlan from FlexTime Limited is a web rostering system that meets those demands set by the modern workplace – by revolutionising the management of working time arrangements.

The sheer immediacy and accuracy of the system – allows for the use of shift & working time arrangements, never previously thought possible. Organisations can now blend the employee’s Working Time needs with vital organisational processes. VisionPlan ensures that bureaucracy associated with rostering can be streamlined almost beyond recognition.

VisionPlan will assist with:

  • Reducing Absenteeism
  • Retention and attracting Staff
  • Supervisor and Staff Morale
  • Reducing overheads

VisionPlan is the newest release of the VisionPlan system using the latest and web technology. The system can thus sit on a server anywhere and can be accessed from anywhere via browsers over the intranet or web.

VisionPlan is designed to replace much of the clerical work associated with creation of Time Schedules or Rosters. The user or supervisor decides what Roster or Schedules are required and VisionPlan ‘09 allows him/her to input/delete employees, create rosters, modify rosters and run staffing sheets. VisionPlan allows the input of as many sections, departments, job titles, employee types and cost centres as necessary. Old rosters are stored for use again either in entirety or partially. Individual days can be buffered and inserted in the new rosters.

Having set up the rosters, the user can also maintain them during the actual working week by inputting corrections (which are referred to as incidents) and also absence types as required. Once maintained in this way, at the end of the week in question the roster can now act as clean file to be sent electronically to Payroll. VisionPlan ‘09has also been linked to a Personnel Software to provide further analysis.

VisionPlan can avoid problems associated with manual systems. For example these are the types of problems associated with manual systems:

  • the number of people handling many pieces of paper create multiple errors
  • all entries are original - so for, say, next week it has to be done all over again
  • manual system provide very little sense of central control - so one manager is not quite sure what is happening in another section - or maybe does not know easily who can be available from another section; equally, very senior management are in the dark - and even staff have issues with the manual approach.

Keywords: rosters

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