Custom sheet size – DPLenticular

By: DP Lenticular Ltd  05/12/2011

Custom sheet size – DPLenticular

Minimizing production waste is not only good for the environment, but it also helps commercially. Therefore, DPLenticular Ltd. provides you with a full range of custom sheet sizes.

Taking into account our production schedule and transport, please allow 4 to 5 weeks for delivery.

The custom sheet size limits are:

Length: from 330 to 1219mm (length is always in the direction of the lenticules)
Width: from 355 to 1016mm

Minimum quantity for a 75 LPI custom sheet size production corresponds to 12.000 standard size sheets (711 x 508mm).

Length: up to 2057mm
Width: up to 1270mm

Minimum quantity for a 40 LPI VLF custom sheet size production corresponds to 12.000 standard size sheets (711 x 508mm).

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DP Lenticular Products – DPLenticular

All of our lenticular products are designed and manufactured so that printers can print the interlaced image directly onto the gloss surface of the lenticular sheet. As you can see in this table, we also propose 100 and 150 LPI rolls for narrow web offset, digital and flexo printing. Unlike some other manufacturers, the pitch of our lens material is always the same for an entire production batch.


DPLenticular Ltd small quantities – DPLenticular

As our stock is in a custom warehouse (in Antwerp or in Istanbul), we are not allowed to break a pallet to ship small quantities. We have partners proposing the Large Format 40LPI sheets in size 122 x 182 cm in Austria. 50 sheets pallets 40 LPI VERY LARGE FORMAT.


DP Lenticular safety – DPLenticular

All our Lenstar PlusTM lenticular products, sheets and rolls, are produced with the highest quality resin and are in accordance with the EU regulations (EN71-3, 2005/84/EC, REACH, food safety…. Because of possible changes in the laws and regulations, as well as possible changes in our products, we cannot guarantee that the status of this product will remain unchanged.