Play-This-List The Clink | Music We Like, And You Should Too

By: The Clink  05/12/2011

Play-This-List The Clink | Music We Like, And You Should Too

The title of the band’s EP Bruxism, is also the running theme throughout the five tracks. Bruxism is defined as the habitual, involuntary grinding or clenching of the teeth that usually occurs during sleep. Having suffered from it myself, the thought of this immediately gives me goosebumps, and not in a good way. Thankfully, listening to the tracks from the band is a much more pleasant experience. Of the five tracks off of the EP (which saw the band work with five different producers), two are currently available to stream online – ‘Canopy Shade’ and ‘Wolf’.

‘Canopy Shade’, which was produced by Plaid, is one part dancable indie & one part dream scape. It’s a track pretty reminiscent of early Foals with the jerky guitar in the chorus.

Canopy Shade

Speaking of Foals, Yannis Philippakis is another producer they worked with on their track ‘Wolf’.

I’m really enjoying this band right now, safe to say they are added to the list of Oxford bands who hold my heart (thanks

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In addition to ‘Diamond Heart’ the deluxe release will also feature the b-side ‘Body Heat’, the Chad Valley remix of ‘Playing House’ and a live version of ‘Hanging On’ from WFUV. Slightly reminiscent of his earlier tracks off of Curtis Lane EP, ‘Diamond Heart’ is a track that only makes me love his music even more. You Are All I See is getting re-released on Nov 1st as a deluxe edition.


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If ‘I Won’t Worry’ had made it’s way through my headphones earlier, it more than likely would have been top of my summer playlist, hell maybe even my summer feel good anthem. The band have already finished recording their debut album, in Mississippi with Dennis Herring – it’s set to be released on Warner Music Ireland.


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For the final event of the year Heineken Green Spheres are putting on a mammoth series of free shows. If I had to choose one gig only to attend, it would have to be Wild Beasts + Summer Camp. Cloud Control – ‘There’s Nothing in the Water We Can’t Fight. All taking place across Dublin. Get Your Gig On The Clink.