Clevamama - ClevaFeed

By: Clevamama  05/12/2011

With NEW Silicone Hygienic Teat.

The BPA Free ClevaFeed™ is the safest and most hygienic way to introduce your child to solids including fruit and vegetables without the risk of choking.  Easy to use – simply open the handle and place food in the teat.    Suitable from 6+ months the ClevaFeed™ is also a great when your baby is teething.
Includes a travel cover for when you’re out and about. The silicone teat is easy to clean, safe and convenient. The ClevaFeed™ is not a pacifier and should be used under adult supervision only.  Never leave your child unattended while using this product.  Check regularly and discard when worn or damaged.

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Clevamama - Transparent Oven Door Guard

However, by using the Clevamama™ Transparent Oven Door Guard, the heat on the surface of the oven door can be reduced by up to 50%, helping to prevent serious burns and scalds to the secret admirers. The transparent material will not inhibit your ability to look into your oven and the smooth surface makes it easy to clean. Most oven doors are reflective and just the perfect height for infants to admire themselves.


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Torticollis can also lead to the Flat Head Syndrome due the nature of the condition which is a tight or shortened muscle in one side of your baby’s neck causing the head to tilt or turn to one side, resulting in the infant resting its head in the same position.