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By: Gos  05/12/2011
Keywords: electrical systems, Light Gauge Steel, Mechanical And Electrical Systems

The GOS modular construction process is based upon the concept of pre-engineering: constructing buildings from a series of factory manufactured room modules. Modules are fully created from complete light gauge steel frames or through using hot rolled steel to create a structural steel post and beam construction for the basic module and cold rolled steel to provide joisting and wall panel structures.

From there, we build in everything you need. Exteriors can be finished offsite with brick slips, architectural aluminum panels, render, metal, curtain wall or any other building finishes or combinations you might choose. Interiors are customised to suit your requirements, and all finishes at the module joints are completed at the site so that, when finished, your new building has the same look and feel as if it was built right there from the ground up. 

GOS modules are fitted out as complete rooms, including plumbing and wiring, full completion of en-suites, decorations and furniture fitting, prior to delivery and installation on site. The modular structure is fully self-supporting. The hot rolled frame design allows tremendous flexibility in design terms, with angled modules and panel sections able to be incorporated alongside the more typical rectangular module structures.

When building modules off site in the factory GOS believe it is best practice to bring all the pieces together as much as possible offsite. Rather than using traditional assembly line methods this allows GOS building sections to be aligned perfectly so fit and finish are exact.

It means that the complexity of the mechanical and electrical systems we utilise today need to be run right through the building, horizontally or vertically so they can be checked and tested before shipping. Building together allows us to preinstall all fittings e.g. all the cabinets in place and then removing sections that cross over the module lines for shipping. This unique process guarantees that what was assembled together at our plant will fit easily and speedily at the site without question, so installation time and costs are kept to a minimum.

The units are delivered to site on a just in time (JIT) basis to avoid storing and creating congestion onsite. Services between units are connected on site with central corridors used as horizontal distribution routes. Individual modules are connected to ensure correct positioning and structural continuity. Once interconnected, the modules form the full structure of the building, creating an extremely rapid, high quality build, equivalent in performance terms, to traditional site based construction processes.

GOS can manufacture a large variety of modular building types for example:

  • prison cells
  • classrooms and schools
  • apartment modules
  • hotel rooms
  • retail outlets
  • security huts
  • kitchen/dining
  • watch towers
  • modular sales or site offices
  • kiosks
  • lavatories
  • laundry
  • maintenance shops
  • warehouses
  • first aid shelters
  • equipment storage facilities
  • workforce housing
  • dormitories
  • car washes
  • recreation facilities and more

Keywords: electrical systems, Gauge Steel, Light Gauge Steel, Mechanical And Electrical Systems, Wall Panel

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