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By: Gos  05/12/2011
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All GOS steel framing components are manufactured from hot-dip galvanized (HDG), i.e. steel is immersed in a kettle or vat of molten zinc, resulting in a metallurgically bonded alloy coating that protects the steel from corrosion
All materials satisfy criteria of BS EN 10147. Therefore, they have a Zinc coating to a G275 grade i.e. 275g/m2=0.04mm thick, a yield strength range 280-350 N/mm2…(formerly Z28-Z35). GOS  use a minimum S350 & usually S390 grade and can even use up to 500 N/mm2 in some insatnces. The thickness of GOS materials vary between 0.8mm-3.2mm

Stick Build Kits

Why not start building GOS trusses, floor panels, wall panels etc for yourself?

We can supply the stick build kit of stud and track ready for you to build whatever you wish. Through making GOS your stud and track supplier you can avail of the experienced GOS design team and automated efficiency. The steel members with superior material and functionality properties are all pre engineered, pre-marked for identification and accompanied by details and engineers specification.

GOS Design Service  

Depending on the level of service you require GOS can supply you with typical details or job specific site panel drawings and a full engineer’s specification.

GOS can input your client’s plans into their specifically custom designed detailing and analysis software, and design from scratch ready for manufacture,

  1. walls
  2. roof trusses or roof panels
  3. lattice joist floors
  4. full modular/volumetric units

GOS experienced qualified engineers will carry out all engineering and structural data analysis to enable you have the confidence that whatever you erect will have the correct structural design accompanying the GOS stud and track kit.

GOS is specifically customised factory Control CAM software takes your drawings and transfers them into stud and track. This is done, firstly through our numerically controlled CNC high tech computer, and then on through our fabricating equipment and roll formers.

  Each piece is: Cut to length (0.5mm) fastening holes pre-punched, fastening holes dimpled so screws lie flush for boarding. Self location dimples provide fast accurate quick click assembly. Punched web allows stud pass through noggin/blocking, service holes up to 125mm pre punched. These are individually labelled for clear concise assembly. As well as the roll-formed sections, other components that go into the wall panels and modules are cut and bent in the factory and can be supplied to our clients.GOS will roll form the elements enabling you to offer various sections and components to exact tolerances to form trusses, joists, tracks, studs, blocking etc.  
Automated Efficiency  

GOS tailor made custom designed roll formers will arrange production groups and complex punching operations. The software directs dynamic inkjet printing for vital parts identification and positioning ensuring all your pieces are quickly identified for accurate and fast assembly.


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