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By: Gos  05/12/2011
Keywords: cladding, steel framing

Modern building design puts demands on architects to add greater creativity to their concepts including freedom of visual choice, superior construction quality, fast build methods and reliable extended life cycle performance. With the view to offering architects a wider range of design options without compromising performance GOS are continuously carrying out a significant amount of research to develop a series of products that integrate seamlessly and precisely with GOS exterior walls and roof systems.

The GOS broad range of cladding facades is a result of strategic partnerships with leading international manufacturers. All GOS façade solutions share the same durability, high performance and aesthetically pleasing features that are present with all GOS steel framing solutions. GOS design department are constantly building a portfolio of drawings and typical details so designers can combine different systems to create original innovative façade designs.

Conventional Look  

GOS buildings can compare aesthetically to any conventional building method by using traditional brick, block, brickslips, forticrete, masonry and natural stone.

If it’s a traditional look you desire or if you wish to blend the conventional materials with more contemporary innovative cladding materials, GOS has the product.
Ventilated Rain Screens  

GOS can provide a wide array of rainscreen cladding products. GOS support bracket and rail systems attached to their panels in factory make them suitable for supporting an assortment of ventilated rainscreens. For example:

  1. Terracotta Tiles,
  2. High Pressure Laminate (HPL),
  3. Render on board,
  4. Aluminium,
  5. Copper and Zinc,
  6. Hung Slate /Tile,
  7. Cedar Timber,
  8. Solar Photovoltaic

External render systems to suit traditional and contemporary designs. GOS supply a wide variety of high performance render products. We can supply renders for any substrate- whether blockwork, insulation, or sheathing board, GOS has the product.
Any effect can be created with renders patterned, textured, brick or stone effect. Level coats can be applied in factory for some of GOS render products while finishes are always site-applied.

Architectural Insulated Panel  

GOS can provide insulated panels suited to provide a wide variety of wall and roof finishes. Insulated cladding panels are particularly suited to retail, distribution, commercial, leisure, industrial, hospital and education projects.


Keywords: cladding, steel framing

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