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By: Tree of Life, Malahide Holistic Centre  07/10/2010
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Fiona Cranwell-Alexander Technique at Tree of Life Centre, Malahide

Fiona has been fascinated with how the body is designed to move and work for over a decade. Her interest was sparked when she realised her whole system was under stress. Sometimes we don’t even realise the tensions we put on our bodies and minds and so our life. We just get on with it, until something breaks down and we have to make a change.

 It was pointed out many times that her posture was compromised and the usual sit up straight, pull back your shoulders, were the instructions given by well intentioned friends and family. It doesn’t work. An Alexander teacher finally explained why this see-saw of slouch to Sgt Major was not sustainable and she had her first, of many, “aha” moment.

 She went on to train as an Alexander Technique teacher and changed her whole body shape, stress levels, ability to move and live in balance.

 In 2004 she proudly received her qualification and started her mission to inform everybody who is willing to know about how their body is designed and how they use it. People come to the technique for many different reasons – improve posture, relieve back pain, manage stress, vocal range, performance enhancement, mindful movement, recover balance after injury or illness, breathing. . . the list goes on. I had a bride who wanted to glide down the aisle and enjoy the day with minimum stress.

 Some just come because they are curious. Alexander Technique has so many functions because it is about how the whole organism, your organism, is used. It’s your body so it’s your most important tool and most valuable asset in living your life.

 Fiona offers private lessons at  Tree of Life as well as Group classes and workshops available throughout the year.

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