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By: T A D  13/01/2011
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We at TAD have sourced the latest cleaning technology to provide a unique anti foul removal service to the marine industry.
Using naturally occurring media we can remove all of your anti foul and key your gel coat quickly and efficiently.
With pressures as low as 60 psi that’s double the       
Domestic Water supply pressure we can remove
Multiple layers of anti foul paint and bring the
Boat the gel coat. While the gel coat will stay
Intact it will be keyed so that your new layer of
Anti foul can adhere properly to your boat.
Unlike other systems the media is suspended in
Water and applied at low pressure ensuring that
There is no dust damage to your boat or others.           
This gentle approach will expose any problems
With your gel coat such as blistering osmosis
Or de-lamination.
Using just one litre of water a minute our
cleaning system will not wet your boat any more
than it is and will speed up the drying time of
your boat thus saving you money. 
Why remove all anti foul coating?
Over time constant application of anti foul will leave a myriad of cracks that may lead to osmosis blisters and de-lamination problems. Removing all anti foul will enable you to identify and treat all problems before they cause damage.
What are the benefits of this removing all of the anti-foul?
Sanding and shaving your boat can be costly as damage to the gel coat is hard to avoid. A damaged gel coat can lead to blisters fractures and de-lamination of the boat. When the gel coat is damaged water seeps in and causes deeper blistering. Boat operation and handling will be affected and additional fuels costs will be incurred because of the weight of the water in your hull.
Do I have to remove anti foul every year?
No. Removal of all anti foul needs to be done every 10 years.
Will this system damage my Gel Coat?
NO. Our cleaning system operates at pressures as low as 30 psi. We remove bottom coatings quickly and completely, and leave the Gel coat intact, water tight, and ready to recoat. When you use The Micro Clean System you can strip, prime, and paint, all in the same day!
Will this add to the value to my boat?
As we all know when your boat is surveyed the condition of your boat is one of the key factors in evaluating the value.
How quickly can my boat be cleaned?
After a short set up time of about 15 minutes, precise and evenly textured finishes on virtually all surfaces are easily achieved in a fraction of time. Initial cleaning procedures are fast, and surface cleaning speeds are at least twice as fast as outdated abrasive blasting methods.
Is it cost effective?
This System was developed with cost effective hull cleaning specifically in mind. It can clean hulls - fibreglass, wood, metal, or concrete - in a single day that would take as much as a week using conventional methods
Is this cleaning system unique?
TAD has the exclusive rights to use this patented system in Ireland. Scraping and Chemical removal- use of chemicals without adequate protection for run off into the water system can be problematic.
Call 086-81481118 or mail us today for free demonstration and details.

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