Stress Management Consultations

By: Erica McKinney Healing & Coaching  21/07/2011
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If worry, fear, anxiety or stress have become a problem in your life then stress management consultations can help you.  You can will learn how to break the negative cycle of stress and to develop practical ways of overcoming the unpleasant symptoms it produces.  Even one consultation can provide benefits but ideally I recommend a programme of 6 covering the following.

  • Stress awareness training 
    • how to recognise building stress before it gets out of control 
    • understanding the vicious cycle of stress and anxiety 
    • how to identify what triggers, contributes and maintains it in your life 

    Techniques for managing bodily sensations 
    • manage symptoms such as dizziness, shortness of breath, confusion and tension 
    • breathing techniques 
    • relaxation techniques 
    • grounding techniques 
  • Techniques for managing psychological symptoms 
    • learn to recognise and challenge anxiety/stress provoking thinking 
    • Distraction methods 
  • Techniques for dealing with your specific problem behaviour 
    • This will vary depending on the individuals needs but may include time management, sleep management or anger management techniques, communication or assertiveness skills, problem solving strategies or other skills relevant to the individual 
  • Energy Healing Work 
    • The program includes one or two energy healing sessions.  Energy healing helps the body to relax deeply and to release old stressful patterns from the energy field. 

Keywords: coaching, counselling service, counselling services, life coach, life coaching, personal development

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