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By: Trafficwise  05/12/2011
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Traffic management plans are generally required to assess the traffic conditions of towns and urban centres where there are a number of different junctions interacting with one another. As part of any study, all of these junctions or ‘nodes’ within the network must be analysed in tandem. Traffic management plans invariably require the setting up of a traffic model using software such as S-Paramics, TRANYST or SATURN. The modelling analysis identifies where congestion problems arise which can help target future investment.

We have also produced a number of traffic management plans on a smaller scale for private industries. These plans are focussed on improving internal site layouts with a view to optimising operation and functionality.

Dundalk Transportation Study

This study analysed the long term movement of traffic through the town of Dundalk. Study objectives were: to proactively manage the growth of private motorised traffic; and to maximise opportunities for sustainable modes of transport, to ensure that a high level of accessibility is maintained to the town centre. A SATURN model was developed for the town, public transport corridors were designed and future roads and junctions to be upgraded were identified.

Fassaroe MRF Traffic Management

We carried out a traffic management study for the existing Greenstar Holdings Ltd. Recycling Facility at Fassaroe, Bray. The existing facility had experienced long queues for inbound HGV, safety issues and an out-dated waste acceptance procedure. We recommended five different options for improving the efficiency of the site, with each option assuming a particular threshold of available financial resources.

Keywords: Traffic & Transport, traffic management, transport, Transport Solutions

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