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By: Labstock  05/12/2011

PSX1000 Lightweight Vapour Shipper  -  Ref: 16720/1000

The Vapour Shipper is designed to transport frozen semen straws safely. The PSX1000 is lightweight and has a capacity of 5 litres LN2, approximately, 290 x 0.5ml straws, operating hold time up to 16 days, depending on use and handling conditions, weight (full), 9.6kg. This shipper meets the requirements of IATA and ICAO, no additional exterior packaging needed, tip tolerant.


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The ACT-VETube test is an (Activated Clotting Time) in-clinic Screening Test Set checking the efficiency of the intrinsic and common clotting pathway in the dog and cat. Bleeding is a common clinical presentation in Pet Animal Practice caused by vascular injury, trauma, poisoning, surgery, ulcer or tumour.


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Portable incubator for the transport of embryos and oocytes within a chamber filled with metal balls. Secure temperature maintenance due to the use of metal balls. Suitable for the transport of horse or cattle embryos. Easy fixation of vials and straws.


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Biosensor technology delivers outstanding performance at an affordable price. TRUEread Blood Glucose Monitor Features. TRUE Read Blood Glucose Monitor - ref.