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By: Metrohm  05/12/2011

Dependable measurement results – for the entire lifetime of your instruments

No matter whether you do water analysis with the 850 Professional IC, trace analysis with VA, bath analysis with ProcessLab or determine the water content in pharmaceuticals using Karl Fischer titration – Metrohm Quality Service® makes sure that you can depend 100% on your measurement results – for the entire lifetime of your instruments.

Preventive maintenance – as necessary as with your car

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Service for a Lifetime From the point of installation and throughout the lifetime of your instrumentation, Metrohm can provide tailored Service support packages to meet all your requirements.For prices and full terms and conditions please speak to your area sales specialist or Instrument Service Contracts.



Ensuring your critical systems are re-validated at regular intervals can be expensive and also very time consuming.To satisfy audits and inspections as well as customer demands, Metrohm UK now offer complete cost effective re-validation packages.These comprehensive packages include.