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COATINGS « KLB Resins - Commercial flooring - Industrial flooring

Each product carries a very brief description, with the Data Sheet giving detailed technical specification and guides on the use of the product and its application.

KLB EP 740 E is a 2-component, water-emulsified, pigmented epoxy-resin seal.

EP 740 E is mainly used a seal on concrete, cement screeds, magnesia screeds and mastic asphalt, as well as for the renovation of existing surfaces as it has excellent adhesion to a wide range, including existing substrates.

The product is easy to apply by roller, has high coverage capacity and, due to its composition, is pleasant to use and environmentally friendly. In two coats, a durable and visu­ally appealing flooring seal can be produced.

KLB EP 216 Universal is a universal, solvent-free, pigmented 2-component multi purpose binder based on epoxy resin for hard industrial coatings. Itis high-grade ad­justed and strongly pigmented. Because of its low viscosity the product is suitable for rolled coatings as well as a top-coat for scattered, grit coats.

The material is suitable for layers starting at 1.5 - 4.0 mm thickness for smooth coatings. The coating material may be filled with up to 0.7 parts by weight quartz sand (grain size 0.1/0.3 mm). Blending with quartz sand is both benefi­cial and economical, for thickness above 2 mm. The coa­ting material has excellent features in self levelling, easy application and smoothing.

KLB EP 282 WHG is a crack-bridging and solvent- free, 2-component epoxy resin free-flow coating with excellent chemical resistance.

The coating is suitable for use in collection bays and areas, such as in production / handling areas and storage / packing areas that must be equipped with approved coating systems.

The product will withstand forklift-truck traffic and has very good resistance to chemicals and is resistant to solvents, motor fuels, oils, mineral acids, alkalis and salts, etc.

KLB EP 285 CR is a solvent-free, 2-component epoxy resin free-fl ow coating with increased chemical resistance. The hardened coating is suitable for use in commercial and industrial locations in which high chemical resistance is required. The range of uses extends to many industrial and commercial situations in which the resistance properties of the coating is foremost.

EP 285 CR is provided with good resistance to chemicals such as, e.g. alkalis, oils, grease, water, salt solutions and various acids. To ensure that the coating is suitable for your application, refer to the resistances chart and request advice.

Colours - 12 standard RAL colours

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CLEAR SEALERS « KLB Resins - Commercial flooring - Industrial flooring

It produces a uniform, silk-matt surface finish that gives the coating a consistent appearance as the “reflection effect” of gloss coatings from light dispersion is completely eliminated. KLB EP 700 E Matt is a 2-component epoxy resin emulsion that can be thinned with water and contains only a very small quantity of solvent for reasons of quality improvement.


REPAIR MORTARS « KLB Resins - Commercial flooring - Industrial flooring

The use of EP 51 RAPID S offers considerable time savings in small areas and in renovation work with short installation and setting times. KLB EP 51 RAPID S is a solvent-free, 2-component epoxy resin that cures at low temperatures and, at normal temperatures, cures rapidly. Introduction of dried quartz up to 0.3mm will give a fine finish whereas dried quartz up to 3.0mm will give a coarse finish.


SCREEDS « KLB Resins - Commercial flooring - Industrial flooring

KLB PU 4009 is a high-quality, 3-component, polyurethane mortar coating that can be applied by rake and is for heavy-duty coatings that are exposed to hot water and chemicals. KLB EP 99 is a formulated, 2-component epoxy-resin binding agent that combines with aggregates to produce an economical coating for industrial and commercial flooring.


LEVELLING SCREEDS « KLB Resins - Commercial flooring - Industrial flooring

The conductive property ensures protection against explosion whereby the product is especially suitable for production areas in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries, in laboratories, and also in other manufacturing with high exposure to chemicals.


PRIMERS « KLB Resins - Commercial flooring - Industrial flooring

As a variant of the proven special resin primer EP 52, the product is rapid setting and combines good adhesion and wetting properties with early readiness for over-coating after only 4 - 6 hours. KLB EP 30 is an unfilled, low viscosity and colourless epoxy-resin for producing primers, scratch coats and thick-coat smoothing compounds.