Save up to 16% on Electricity Rates and Tariffs

By: Airtricity  05/12/2011

(available only to new customers on direct debit + e-Billing + 24 month fixed-term contract)

Our energy monitor only takes a few minutes to set up and start saving you money. On average, homes with monitors have cut down their energy use by around 11%, which is great news for your wallet and the environment.

How it works

The Transmitter

This compact device sits in your meter box and uses a clamp to attach to your meter. It wirelessly sends your usage data to the monitor in your house.

The Monitor

Your monitor will work up to 30m from your electricity meter and can be plugged into any standard power socket (don't worry it costs very little to run).

Set it up somewhere visible l like your kitchen or your sitting room, and you’ll be able to quickly identify your energy hogs or see when you’ve left something like the immersion on.

We'll also give you a guide to help you identify your energy hogs and record your energy usage so you can see progress from month to month.

Will it work with any type of property?

To set up the energy monitor you need to have a secure meter box within 30m of your home (so unfortunately it’s not suited to most apartments).

Terms and Conditions

A free Airtricity Smart Energy Monitor is offered to new Airtricity customers who sign-up online to a 2 year contract for either their electricity supply or their electricity and gas supply and who choose to pay by direct debit and receive ebills.

The Airtricity Smart Energy Monitor will be sent to a customer once their electricity supply has switched to Airtricity from their existing supplier, so it may take up to 5 or 6 weeks to receive an Airtricity Smart Energy Monitor.

This is a limited offer and is subject to availability.

Only one Airtricity Smart Energy Monitor can be claimed per household (MPRN) and there is no cash alternative to the Airtricity Smart Energy Monitor.

This offer does not affect Airtricity's "General Terms and Conditions for the supply of electricity and/or gas by Airtricity Limited to domestic premises in the Republic of Ireland" or Airtricity's product specific terms and conditions.